About Patterns by Anna

Hi, my name is Anna and this is my story!

I already had my first experience with my mother's sewing machine in elementary school, when I cut up a pair of jeans that would become a skirt. I loved the idea of being able to sew my own clothes, but the result was not as planned. I didn't get very far at that point and didn't use the sewing machine until a few years later when I was sewing an apron with my grandmother. Even then I didn't get anywhere. I think other things were more interesting at the time.

But in 2017 things changed, I had my first child born. I was staying at home and had a lot of time to spare. I went shopping for various hobby items, for a period I tried knitting and for another period it was painting jewelery boxes and key hangers that were made of wood.

One day I suddenly got the idea to make a baby nest. I found a video on YouTube about how to make it, but I didn't have a pattern. So I made it myself. And guess what? I managed to make it! The result was obviously not perfect, but just fine. Time passed and a few pillows were sewn, until the day I signed up for a sewing course. After the course, I learned to sew in stretch fabrics and learned many other important things that were essential to being able to sew clothes. I started with dresses, onesies and pants. I spent every free moment sewing. So fun and something I really loved doing.

A few years later, I wanted to be the one who made the pattern. And since I'm a bit of a geek, I made it happen. Now I make patterns full time and have just founded Patterns by Anna. I am driven by creating new good patterns and spend a lot of time making sure my patterns are as good as possible. I like the idea that others can also get good results and therefore only have step-by-step descriptions in my patterns. I want everyone to learn to sew, and they can do that as long as you understand the procedure in the pattern. Simple patterns make sewing more fun!

I hope you will try my patterns, it means so much to me!